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2018 Market Landscape Report

Comparative Study of top email & calendar salesforce apps.

The Bolder CRM team has spent 6 months writing an extensive competitive analysis report and scoring matrix for ZynBit, Cirrus Insight, LinkPoint 360, Lightning for Outlook/Gmail, Salesforce Inbox, and SmartCloud Connect.

Over the course of 6 months, the Bolder CRM team installed each application to test user stories, performance and usability.

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Why is ZynBit a Better Alternative to Salesforce Inbox?

  • It's Simple
    ZynBit places a high emphasis on the user experience. If a user cannot perform simple tasks or the integration to Salesforce is unstable, Admins take the burden and adoption suffers.

  • It's Seamless
    Not all Salesforce integrataion apps are created equal. Many organizations today are using a number of email environments and access points to information. Organizations need one app that can support all email and Salesforce environments with little customization and without lengthy implementations.

  • It's Smart
    You've invested a lot in your Salesforce environment and your integration apps should work with your process, not the other way around. ZynBit provides the deepest Salesforce integration on the market to support custom objects, opportunity linking, new record creation, and strong automated sync functionality.