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It's Smart

ZynBit Guides Sales Activity

It's Seamless

Integrates Securely To Your Environment

It's Simple

ZynBit Lives Where Sales People Work

We built ZynBit...

Smart for sales leaders

It’s smart because it helps sales leaders and executives analyze sales activity to increase sales efficiency, forecast accuracy and optimize territory planning.

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Seamless for sales operations & admins

ZynBit allows Sales operations to replace 5 apps with one, for a more seamless experience resulting in complete customer data, better reliability with less overhead to maintain and support.   With ZynBit, sales operations is able to manage a single solution which helps drive Salesforce adoption, enable sales teams and collect sales activity data in the background. It's seamless to configure, deploy and train. So easy, your sales reps will use it. We drive Salesforce adoption by keeping your sales teams out of Salesforce.

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Simple for sales & service REPS

ZynBit’s simple user experience delivers customer insight alongside email, calendar and mobile when it’s needed most. It's intuitive user experience is easily adopted across the most diverse workforce. It lives where you work.

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Achieve and Maintain More Predictable Revenue Growth

  • How to increase sales productivity with data.
  • Why sales data is so valuable.
  • The challenges of collecting and managing activity data.
  • Overcoming CRM adoption challenges.
  • How high-performing leaders use sales activity data.

Benefits of using ZynBit

Salesforce Sidebar

A better way to work with customer data at your fingertips. It lives where you work; email, calendar, and mobile.

Customer Experience

Calendar sharing is a more convenient and intuitive way for customers to connect with your sales, service and support resources when they need them.

Calendar Sharing & Booking

A better way to book more meetings, track your meeting activity and provide a better customer experience.

Synchronize Customer Data

Forget data entry! With all your calendar meetings, tasks and emails synchronized you'll have more time to engage with customers.

Analytics & Insights

A better way to collect, track and analyze sales activity data.

Email Prospecting

A better way to research, manage email outreach and prioritize follow-up.

Who's using ZynBit

Mike Calhoun - Love this App! Outstanding Support!

With this app, there's no excuse for not keeping your communication with customers up to date in salesforce. Everything you need is in ZynBit so no more jumping back & forth trying to remember to include everything. Couldn't be any simpler.

Mike Calhoun - Love this App! Outstanding Support!
Director of Sales

Matt Clark - No better app than ZynBit

The ZynBit app has brought efficiency and optimization to the way I manage communication within Salesforce. All the way from creating a contact/lead to tagging e-mails or events, I can stay on top of my pipeline all within the comfort of Microsoft outlook. There’s no better app than ZynBit for the sales professional!!

Matt Clark - No better app than ZynBit
Account Executive

Chloe Majors - Saves us some time.

We implemented Salesforce four months ago and deployed ZynBit to our users at the same time. The integration is smooth and the implementation wasn’t too bad at all. We’re using Lightening and enjoy that we simply check a box in our ZynBit for Outlook toolbar and the event is added both to Outlook and Salesforce. Since we use Lightening, we do not get pop-up reminders for tasks. Using ZynBit, we can set a reminder to go off in Outlook right from the task creation screen in the ZynBit toolbar. Saves us some time. We’re looking forward to checking out the cell phone app!

Chloe Majors - Saves us some time.
Salesforce Administrator