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Get more out of Salesforce. More actionable data. More insights.

Salesforce is a popular tool, but entering events and data is so cumbersome many reps refuse to use it. Sound familiar?

ZynBit makes using Salesforce effortless. It works transparently in the background to record and track everything so your sales team can work on more important activities like attracting, delighting and retaining your customers.

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Selecting a Salesforce Email Integration

The 5 most important criteria sales teams must use to evaluate Salesforce email integration systems.


ZynBit Transforms Your Sales Stack

Imagine having a virtual sales assistant behind the scenes to record events in Salesforce, book meetings, and find the data-driven insights your team needs to deliver sales quotas.

With ZynBit, your sales reps always know the next best task to focus on. Managers know where to focus to improve team performance. And sales leaders can easily see the data they need to optimize strategies and goals. It’s no wonder sales teams love it.


0% Data Entry

ZynBit does all data entry behind the scenes, automating Salesforce adoption. Reps never have to open the CRM.

100% Reliable

Built on a stable, fast code base, ZynBit just works. Forget the system drag or data sync issues you’ve seen with alternatives.

100% Secure

We put data security first. That’s why ZynBit is trusted by CISOs in dozens of Fortune 100 information security departments.

You can sell with ZynBit or without. Here’s the difference…


Cumbersome and Less Effective


Actionable, Easy and Efficient

Pleading with (or threatening) reps to update Salesforce
Opportunities updated behind the scenes, in real time
Zero visibility on sales activity KPI’s
100% visibility for email, call and meeting activity
Constantly massaging forecast data
Validate forecasts with activity data
Difficulty identifying which skills need to be improved
Easily integrate activity data into coaching opportunities
Updating activities in Salesforce is a drag
Zero time updating Salesforce
Prospecting is chaotic and follow-up is laborious
Sales reps get data and insights to prioritize follow-up activity
Scheduling meetings takes multiple emails and calls
1-step scheduling clients and reps love
Fragmented customer history creates unnecessary friction
Full customer history everyone can rely on
Frustrated with low Salesforce adoption
Access to up-to-date Salesforce data
“Time for selling” always trumps updating Salesforce
Continual and transparent access to critical data
Struggling to report without data
Data for tactical and strategic reports is always current
Constantly wrangling data with no time for strategy
Able to focus on high impact projects and strategy
Has made me more productive and that's only the beginning

“Love this app. I'm not a huge fan of Salesforce because of all the clicking to enter data into each field. I mainly work out of my email which is my lifeline day to day. This has made creating new accounts, contacts, filing emails and tracking new opps very easy.”

Phil Torres
National Account Manager, Convergence Communications

Get actionable insights from Salesforce without ever opening the application.


It’s not a secret that most sales reps don’t like using Salesforce.

The data entry process is time-consuming and difficult. So reps focus on higher return sales activities and don’t update customer files.

ZynBit solves that problem by recording activities transparently in the background.

Customers can schedule calls and meetings without the back and forth. Calls and email interactions are captured and recorded. ​​​​​​​

Because it’s always there, data is always up-to-date.

And ZynBit surfaces timely insights to help your sales team improve follow up and closing. It’s the best of Salesforce without actually opening it.

Run Salesforce from your inbox

So much sales activity happens in the inbox that it only makes sense your sales team spends most of their time there. Install ZynBit and your CRM, calendar and email all work better together.

No more bouncing from your inbox to other applications. And no worries about missing or double data entry. Activity logs are automated and customer data is always at your fingertips.

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No-touch scheduling for better meetings

Scheduling calls and meetings can be a massive waste of time emailing back and forth or playing phone tag with customers.

ZynBit simplifies scheduling and delights customers at the same time.

Plus, ZynBit provides smart insights on your customer meeting data so you can easily measure performance and keep your pipeline healthy.

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Insights reps can actually use to improve

ZynBit provides a holistic view of customer and sales team activities including email opens and web tracking, so it’s easier than ever to prioritize your follow-up.

And find training opportunities to help your team improve. Instead digging for information, ZynBit puts customer activity data in your inbox so you can focus on closing and nurture follow through.


Works wherever you are—on desktop and mobile.

Put Salesforce data into your mobile inbox. ZynBit works on mobile to capture contacts and email correspondence. Plus you can manage follow-up, log calls, attract and delight your customers when you’re on the go.

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Power up your inbox and automate sales administration


Salesforce Sidebar

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Salesforce Sync

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Mobile Insights

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Email Tracking

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Email Templates

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Start driving sales with data

ZynBit frees you up to attract, delight and retain customers while collecting the critical data sales managers and execs need to make informed decisions. It enhances sales with the data you need to grow your customer base.

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ZynBit is so easy to use that you’ll forget it’s even there—except when you see the improvement in sales. It syncs in the background while you send emails, talk on the phone, or meet with clients.

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