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Sales & Service Reps


You shouldn't have to spend 8 hours a week entering data into Salesforce. You need a CRM that works for you and not the other way around! With ZynBit you'll eliminate the data entry associated with tracking customer activities like email, meetings, and tasks and get awesome customer intelligence with email and web visitor tracking to help you focus your time hot prospects and opportunities.

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CRM Admins & IT


Drive adoption and supercharge Salesforce. You've invested a great deal of time, effort and money with CRM. ZynBit can help you achieve CRM ROI. Your reps will be happier and more productive and managers are able to get the accurate customer intelligence they need to streamline pipelines and forecasts.

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Sales Manager & Execs


You are not a spreadsheet jockey and your time is most useful for optimizing sales process and pipeline. With ZynBit, you'll be able to mentor and manage with customer intelligence. You'll be able to easily see which reps are doing great work. Your reps will be happier and more productive while your forecasts will be backed by data instead of gut and intuition.

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Benefits of using ZynBit

Simplify Your Work

Your CRM becomes invisible. Be able to do all your work where you live with CRM from your inbox.

Customer Intelligence

Work smarter with ZynBit connected to your website, email and CRM. Grow revenue when you get actionable customer intelligence.

Web Visitor Tracking

Engage your customers like a boss when you know where and when they have been on your website. Your prospects will be more receptive to timely and relevant follow ups.

Synchronize Customer Data

Forget data entry! With all your calendar meetings, tasks and emails synchronized you'll have more time to engage with customers.

Be Productive

Instead of time consuming reporting, data massaging, and data entry, spend more of your time converting leads, closing opportunities, and satisfying customers.

Raise Your Customer IQ

Your customer data is complete and accurate, you’re measuring what matters, you truly understand your customers, and your teams are performing with precision.

Who's using ZynBit

Corey Shebesta - Love cool tools

This app does everything and more right out of the box. I have access to my custom fields within the app. Very cool!

Corey Shebesta - Love cool tools
Sales Manager

Manny Varela - Great!

We have been using the ZynBit app for about a month now and are thoroughly pleased to this point! It has helped us properly file emails away within Salesforce for future reference by all our staff. Had a problem with an update, and had the support email answered in a timely manner by two support members. Give it a try!

Manny Varela - Great!
Business Relationship Manager

Mike Calhoun - Love this App! Outstanding Support!

With this app, there's no excuse for not keeping your communication with customers up to date in salesforce. Everything you need is in ZynBit so no more jumping back & forth trying to remember to include everything. Couldn't be any simpler.

Mike Calhoun - Love this App! Outstanding Support!
Director of Sales

Matt Clark - No better app than ZynBit

The ZynBit app has brought efficiency and optimization to the way I manage communication within Salesforce. All the way from creating a contact/lead to tagging e-mails or events, I can stay on top of my pipeline all within the comfort of Microsoft outlook. There’s no better app than ZynBit for the sales professional!!

Matt Clark - No better app than ZynBit
Account Executive

Chloe Majors - Saves us some time.

We implemented Salesforce four months ago and deployed ZynBit to our users at the same time. The integration is smooth and the implementation wasn’t too bad at all. We’re using Lightening and enjoy that we simply check a box in our ZynBit for Outlook toolbar and the event is added both to Outlook and Salesforce. Since we use Lightening, we do not get pop-up reminders for tasks. Using ZynBit, we can set a reminder to go off in Outlook right from the task creation screen in the ZynBit toolbar. Saves us some time. We’re looking forward to checking out the cell phone app!

Chloe Majors - Saves us some time.
Salesforce Administrator

Scott Blahosky - ZynBit saves us $200,000 annually.

In 2015, Wenger abandoned Lotus Notes for Salesforce and Office365. We now use Outlook and SharePoint to manage all customer correspondence. Projects can span years, and customer relationships are king, thus volumes of email and documents are transmitted, stored and often reproduced. With Salesforce and SharePoint in place, ZynBit provides the triangulation via Outlook for our Sales team to work with Salesforce and SharePoint by creating, updating and searching customer history, activities, email correspondence and documents. Total productivity gains are saving 30 minutes per day across 80 employees. Savings are also being realized for non-Salesforce employees accessing SharePoint directly. ZynBit saves us $200,000 annually.

Scott Blahosky - ZynBit saves us $200,000 annually.
IT Director

Midwest Health
Dow Jones
Pancreatic Cancer Action