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Gmail Productivity: Hacking Your Gmail For Better Productivity

13 August 2019 Sales Productivity

Sales professionals use a wide variety of tools to do their job. Customer relationship management systems, lead generators, task managers, marketing programs, and scheduling software are just some of the sales tools that help reps at every stage of the sales process.  With so many different kinds of tools that help you work more efficiently, […]

How Data Skills Can Boost Your Salary as a Salesforce Administrator

How Data Skills Can Boost Your Salary as a Salesforce Administrator

6 August 2019 Salesforce, Sales

Data-Savvy Sales Ops and Salesforce Admins Earn 10.7% More Than Their Peers If you work in sales operations or Salesforce administration, the secret to commanding a higher salary comes down to one thing: data skills. In their report for IBM and the Business-Higher Education Forum, Burning Glass Technologies conducted a comprehensive study of the marketplace […]

6 Best Sales Prospecting Tools To Find & Close More Deals

30 July 2019 Sales Productivity, Sales Prospecting

We all understand why sales prospecting is important—it helps you scout for new leads and builds a healthy pipeline. Customers are the lifeblood of your business. But that doesn’t stop a whopping 42% of sales reps from struggling with prospecting.  One of the biggest issues that sales professionals face is that prospecting is much harder […]


Best Sales Apps: Everything You Need To Know As A Sales Rep

23 July 2019 Tips and Tricks, Sales Productivity

Mobile phones are so ubiquitous, they’re practically woven into the fabric of modern society. In fact, they are so essential to how we live today that it’s hard to imagine how we managed to survive without them.  But for all the think pieces about our dependence on our mobile devices and how it’s changed our […]

12 Tips Every Marketer or Sales Rep Should Know When Using Outlook

16 July 2019 Sales Productivity

Out of all of the sales tools that you have in your arsenal, email is still one of the most powerful. Studies have shown that for every dollar you spend on email, you can make back almost $40—an ROI that shouldn’t be ignored. Outlook’s email client is one of the most popular in the world, […]

sales-prospecting- techniques--calling-on-phone

10 Sales Prospecting Techniques To Crush Your Quota

9 July 2019 Sales Productivity, For Sales

When you started out in the sales business, you probably thought you were going to spend most of your time, well, selling. But the data shows that that isn’t the case—most salespeople only spend about a third of their time doing sales-related, income-generating activities like going to meetings, following up, and prospecting leads. With more […]

sales-prospecting- techniques--sales-prospecting-on-phone

Best Gmail Extensions: The 8 Best Extensions For Sales Professionals

2 July 2019 Tips and Tricks, Sales Productivity

In a world full of Instagram influencers, witty brand Twitter accounts, and boosted Facebook campaigns; email marketing might seem like something way too old school to be efficient.  But when email marketing is done right, it’s far more effective than any passive marketing technique. 59% of consumers say that marketing emails DO have an impact […]

How to Maximize Your Meetings Scheduled KPI with Automated Scheduling

27 June 2019 Sales Metrics, Sales Productivity

“Meetings Scheduled” is one of the most commonly-used sales KPIs, second only to “Calls.” Unfortunately, there are 2 factors hindering sales organizations’ performance on this KPI.

Lightning for Outlook vs. Salesforce for Outlook: Which is Better? (2019 Honest Review)

25 June 2019 Salesforce

There are a few basic questions sales teams have when attempting to integrate Outlook with Salesforce: Should I be using “Lighting for Outlook” or “Salesforce for Outlook”? I’m using Salesforce for Outlook. Should I upgrade? What is the “Salesforce Outlook Integration”? Is this a new tool? Are there any third-party tools that are better? What’s […]

Why Sales Data Analysis Fails (And How to Easily Fix It)

18 June 2019 Analytics, Sales

When it comes to sales, our minds don’t usually jump to concepts like data sets, data collection, logical evaluation, or sales data analysis. When most people think of sales, they picture an upbeat, maverick sales rep who woos customers on the golf course through sheer wit, charm, and natural instinct. In reality, this fast and […]