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8 Essential Attributes of High Performing Sales Leaders

16 November 2018 Amy Green Sales Strategy

Sales leaders today have access to more data than ever before and as new technologies like AI and machine guided sales tools emerge, consumable data for Sales Leaders will grow exponentially.

According to the Salesforce blog Quotable– “Business-to-business sales is, was, and always will be a numbers game. From the paper-based forecast forms and quarterly business planners of the analogue days of selling to today’s world of smart systems, mobile sales force automation (SFA), and real-time dashboards, B2B sales is ruled by data.”

There are 8 essential attributes of a high-performing, data-driven sales leader:

  • They use data and analysis to inform their decisions.
  • They use data to be proactive, not reactive.
  • They see sales activity data as a fundamental management tool.
  • They invest in technology to automate real-time data capture and delivery.
  • They use data to not just analyze the past but to also provide insight into how to win business and how to always make their number.
  • They use sales activity data to help them plan for the future growth of their organization.
  • They put systems & processes in place to enable easy access to reliable data.
  • They use sales activity data to develop an optimal customer experience.

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