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Salesforce Data Quality

Make Data Integration to Salesforce a Breeze

13 December 2017 Amy Green Salesforce, CRM Admin, CRM Adoption

Automate Work Processes To Improve User Adoption to Salesforce

Salesforce Administrators face many challenges,  and they recognize and appreciate every opportunity to build automated processes that improve user adoption and remove errors for higher quality Salesforce data. ZynBit’s Salesforce Admin feels the same way and that is why she wants to share how she has solved unique business problems with Salesforce.

According to this article, “Data quality often takes a back seat to more urgent matters, but the importance and value of complete, accurate data should not be downplayed.”

Business Problem:
ZynBit, like many other Salesforce organizations, uses multiple applications to create a seamless customer experience. One challenge we faced is how to marry data regarding our customer’s subscription plans to Salesforce also while handling more complex transactional information such as coupon codes.

Business Solution:
This challenge led our Salesforce admin Kathy to seek out a data integration solution that would bring together information from our subscription tool Stripe into Salesforce easily. ZynBit uses Skyvia, a cloud data platform that does not require coding, to connect Stripe and Salesforce together.

Watch the How to Video as Kathy walks through how she uses Skyvia, Stripe data, and Salesforce process builder to make Salesforce data integration a breeze.

About ZynBit’s #AwesomeAdmin- Kathy
Kathy Roy has been working in the technology space for over a decade and is a true data geek! She loves all things data and is never afraid of a challenge or problem to solve! She is a certified Salesforce Administrator. She loves her furbabies and her ideal happy hour would be a chat about data remedies with a nice glass of red wine!

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