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Are B2B #Sales Commissions Here to Stay or Going Away?

2 November 2017 Amy Green Sales Strategy

Are B2B #Sales Commissions Here to Stay or Going Away? 

For many organizations, the traditional way of thinkings is that salespeople are motivated by money and therefore commissions keep them motivated. But, do commissions really motivate?

According to this article in the Harvard Business Journal, “sales reps complaints included quotas that were set too high, subpar territories, unfair allocation of accounts, and too many to count complaints  about compensation.” In this same article, it also discusses the practices of companies who “Play Around with system’s components to try to find ways to motivate reps and boost revenue, or to increase the ROI spent paying salespeople.” That sounds appealing, doesn’t it?

We have pulled together an expert panel of international veteran sales professionals who have lived both sides of the commissions (executive and rep) and they will be discussing live their perspectives on the future of sales commissions.

Topics Covered:

• Are Sales Commissions really a motivator for Reps?
• Do they help or hinder the companies overall customer experience?
• A new way to think about compensation in the new buyer normal
• The questions you should ask when structuring your plan for 2018
• New compensation structures that motivate the entire companies, because the customer journey should not start and stop with just Sales!

Join Us Thursday, November 16th at 5 PM ET


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