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Salesforce Administrator Tips From Another Admin – Time Zones

8 November 2017 Amy Green CRM Admininstration, Salesforce

Business Problem:

Salesforce Area Code Formula Populates Time Zone Field

Do your Sales and Customer Success Reps have to research contact’s time zone to determine the best time to connect? That time can be much better-spent understanding and connecting with customers.

You can be a Salesforce Administrator Hero and make this super easy for your users. Your Salesforce contacts have phone numbers with area codes, so why not use those area codes to populate a time zone field on the contact record. Users can see all the information they need in one place and immediately know the best time to connect with their contact.

ZynBit had this business problem and our Salesforce Administrator Kathy Hughes-Roy found an easy formula to apply workflow in Salesforce to populate a time zone field based on the phone number area code.

Watch our How to Video below as Kathy walks through how she updated the formula for all area codes and created a workflow that has saved our ZynBit reps hours of researching time zone information on Salesforce contacts!

We have posted back the updated area code formula in the Salesforce Trailblazer Community here.

About ZynBit’s #AwesomeAdmin- Kathy Hughes-Roy 

Kathy Roy has been working in the technology space for over a decade and is a true data geek! She loves all things data and is never afraid of a challenge or problem to solve! She is a certified Salesforce Administrator. She loves her furbabies and her ideal happy hour would be a chat about data remedies with a nice glass of red wine!


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