Unlock Sales Activity Data To Drive Revenue

Achieve And Maintain More Predictable Revenue Growth

It's no surprise when we say that Sales reps do not want to enter sale activity into the CRM. Why is that? Answer: They see little value in it for them and it takes away valuable time that could be spent with customers and prospects. But what if activity data did in fact help them sell more effectively?

In this eBook series Sales Leader and Sales Professionals can explore actions and tactics that they can use to distill the value that sales activity data can bring to the sales process and strategy.

Key Topics Explored In This eBook

Mobile Task List
How to increase sales productivity with data.
Capture Client Communication
Why Sales Activity Data Is So Valuable
Calendar Availabilty
The Challenges of Collecting and Managing Activity Data
Salesforce Integration
Overcoming CRM Adoption Challenges
Meeting Types
How High-Performing Leaders Use Sales Activity Data

If You Can Relate To These Two Common Issues, This eBook Is For You!

  1. Salespeople must enter their activity data manually. To do so takes precious time away from selling. Data entry incurs a high opportunity cost and salespeople see little value out of the data collected.
  2. Because of poor data, leaders often can’t trust their CRM when they need it to make important decisions. Decisions are therefore often made off of anecdotes or theory instead of using data to more accurately forecast, manage territories and see trends in customer activity to drive revenue.

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