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More meetings = more sales

Automate meeting scheduling. Sync it all with Salesforce.

ZynBit makes it easier for you to book sales meetings with prospects. No more back and forth to schedule a time that works for everyone.

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More meetings for every rep with full-featured, real-time calendar sharing.


Of the meeting activity captured and synced into Salesforce

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More insights on customer meeting data for a healthier pipeline

No-touch scheduling + meeting activity insights...

Scheduling calls and meetings can be a massive waste of time– emailing back and forth or playing phone tag with customers. ZynBit simplifies scheduling and delights customers at the same time.

And unlike other apps, ZynBit’s real-time scheduler never double books or shows recently booked appointments as available.

Plus, ZynBit provides smart insights on your customer meeting data so you can easily measure performance and keep your pipeline healthy.

The Salesforce integration on this app is seamless

"I use Gmail and the best part is the calendar sync. This is especially helpful when I am trying to sync my personal calendar with my business calendar. The Salesforce integration on this app is seamless. I give it 5 stars and 2 thumbs up."

Elise Tatosian

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ZynBit gives you full flexibility over your scheduling experience


Personalized booking pages

Create a personalized page for every rep on your team that includes their photo, bio, and best contact information.

Calendar views

Divide your calendar by meeting types and set calendar views that allow you to share specific days of the week and availability.

Meeting Types

ZynBit helps you book different types of meetings, from and record demos and, discovery calls, to proposal reviews and more.

Meeting Details

Add pre-meeting questions to collect helpful information and make your meetings more productive.

Meeting Notifications

Stay notified when customers book, reschedule, or change meeting details.

Calendar Availability

You control the time available for meetings. ZynBit automatically protects your personal time.

Buffer times

Reps control the time available for meetings and can schedule in buffer time between calls if needed.

Minimum scheduling time in advance

Need time to prepare for your meeting? ZynBit can be configured to prevent immediate scheduling so you have the time to review before you get on a call.

Localized time zones

Reps and prospects receive notifications with localized time zones which means fewer missed meetings.

Customize to your brand

ZynBit’s calendar app can be customized to support your brand’s look and feel.

Book on behalf of someone else in your team

ZynBit allows co-workers to search each other’s calendars so they can easily book meetings that include other team members.

Book meetings for 3 or more people at once

Scheduling meetings for 3 or more can turn into an infinite email thread, real quick. ZynBit lets you create teams of coworkers, clients, and vendors.

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ZynBit gives you a lot more than calendar-scheduling

Power up your inbox with ZynBit and automate sales processes


Salesforce Sync

Bring your customer and pipeline data to your email inbox Learn more →

Calendar views

Sync 100% of your meetings, tasks and emails —no manual data entry Learn more →


Collect sales activity and turn it into actionable ideas to increase sales Learn more →

Email & Web Tracking

See who opens your emails and which web pages they visit for timely, focused follow up Learn more →

Mobile Insights

A customer focused inbox, contact management, scheduling and call logs. Learn more →

Email Templates

Prospect, network and send invites faster than ever
Easier to use than Outlook calendar or Salesforce calendar

"It's crucial for a lot of advisors who want to have their calendar on their phone. It's easier to use than Outlook calendar or Salesforce calendar. It’s easy to pull it up and see what your day looks like."

Courtney Roberts
Chief Operations Officer, Barber Financial Group

Try calendar scheduling & sync for FREE. Start a 14-day trial.

About ZynBit

ZynBit powers data-driven sales teams to optimize sales capacity.

ZynBit captures high-value customer interactions enabling your sales, management, and operations to understand pipeline activity, sales performance, and territory management patterns.

It integrates seamlessly with your existing sales workflows across mobile, browser, email and calendar simplifying the day-to-day of customer relationship management. At the same time, it collects meaningful customer data needed to optimize sales operations.

ZynBit makes salespeople more efficient and empowers management with valuable insights needed to run the business, improve customer acquisition and drive retention.

ZynBit. Be Data-Driven.

Sales Ready: Mobile | Salesforce Sidebar | Salesforce Sync | Meeting Scheduling | Opportunity Insights

ZynBit simplifies your sales stack. All-in-one:

  • Salesforce® data in your Outlook & Gmail sidebar

  • Sync Calendar, Email, Tasks and Contacts automatically

  • Book more meetings with one-click scheduling

  • See which prospects open and click your emails

  • Mobile Inbox + Salesforce®

  • Scan Business Cards to Salesforce®

  • Identify high-probability opportunities

  • Supports Outlook Mobile on iOS & Android

  • Discover & Sync Contacts