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How Can I Create Users With Salesforce Import?

ZynBit has implemented a feature which allows users to sign in with Salesforce.  This eliminates the need for users to create a ZynBit password and streamlines account setup.

The first step in the process is for the ZynBit users who is also a Salesforce admin to configure a service account.  This is done by logging into and clicking the dark purple Zynbit Admin icon on the left.

Choose Service Accounts and click Add Service Account.  The admin will be prompted to sign in to Salesforce.  Your Salesforce service account is set up!

To continue and create the user, click the magenta Users icon and open the Salesforce Import tab at the top. Click the box beside each user you wish to create and then click Create Selected Users.

Users will receive an email saying: “Your Salesforce Admin has added you to the company’s ZynBit account. All that’s left for you to do is click the link below and click Sign in with Salesforce. ”