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Managing your ZynBit License

This article contains information needed for managing your ZynBit License and Users.

The first user to sign up for a ZynBit account becomes that Organization’s Administrative user.  This Admin is responsible for payment and for managing participation in that organization by additional ZynBit users.  By default, the organization is defined by the email domain of the company.  If the admin needs to be changed, simply email with the request.

Admin users purchase subscriptions by logging into the ZynBit Dashboard and choosing the Manage option on the left, and then the License tab at the top.   Choose the appropriate products and number of users, and then enter  credit card information to complete the transaction.  Non-Admins will not see a License tab.  If you need to purchase a subscription and you do not know the administrator for your organization, contact

To change the payment card or subscription at any time, click Update Details, enter the new data and Update.

To invite users, follow these instructions.

To delete users, see this article.

To grant ZynBit admin access to colleagues, click here.