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  • FREE For Up To 2 Users
  • ZYNBOX - Customer Insights from your Inbox
    Open a doorway to Salesforce from your inbox. Automate data entry associated with email, contacts, tasks, and calendars so you can work smarter and keep Salesforce clean and up to date.
  • ZYNCAL - A Scheduling Assistant for your Inbox
    No more email Ping Pong. Book with ease! Everyone should have a personal assistant for setting and scheduling customer meetings.
  • Email, Phone, and Desktop Support


  • Includes Starter
  • ZYNSYNC - Sync & Track Customer Interactions
    Say good bye to data entry and hello to accurate activity reporting for meetings and emails along with effortless contact data acquisition.
  • ZYNTRACK - Customer Engagement & Analytics
    Supercharge your inbox with customer insights - email opens, web visits and CRM history.
  • Email, Phone, and Desktop Support


  • Includes Pro
  • ZYNMOBILE - Customer Insights On-the-Go
    Your mobile inbox embedded with insights and optimized for CRM workflow efficiency.
  • Email, Phone, and Desktop Support


The 14 day trial includes all features in the Starter, Pro and Expert packages so you can get the full experience of ZynBit.

Why ZynBit?

Simplify Your Work

Your CRM becomes invisible. Be able to do all your work where you live with CRM from your inbox.

Customer Intelligence

Work smarter with ZynBit connected to your website, email and CRM. Grow revenue when you get actionable customer intelligence.

Web Visitor Tracking

Engage your customers like a boss when you know where and when they have been on your website. Your prospects will be more receptive to timely and relevant follow ups.

Synchronize Customer Data

Forget data entry! With all your calendar meetings, tasks and emails synchronized you'll have more time to enage with customers.

Be Productive

Instead of time consuming reporting, data massaging, and data entry, spend more of your time converting leads, closing opportunities, and satisfying customers.

Raise Your Customer IQ

Your customer data is complete and accurate, you’re measuring what matters, you truly understand your customers, and your teams are performing with precision.

ZynBox - Customer Insights from Your Inbox      
Email Sidebar Supporting
Supports Outlook (Windows)
Supports Outlook for Mac, OWA, &
Gmail (Chrome)
Email View Compatibility
Has "Always On" View
Side Panel for Preview Pane View
Side Panel for Email Read View   
Side Panel for Email Compose View
Ability to File Email on Send
Ability to File Email to Anywhere View
Calendar Preview Pane View
Calendar Compose/Inspect View
Contact Preview Pane View
Contact Compose/Inspect
Salesforce Integration   
Ability to Search and Edit/Update Records
Ability to Create Leads
Ability to Convert Leads
Ability to Edit/Update Leads
Ability to View Leads
Ability to Create New Contacts
Ability to Edit/Update Contacts
Ability to View Contacts
Ability to Filter Insights by Contact
Ability to Create New Accounts
Ability to Edit/Update Accounts
Ability to View Accounts
Ability to Add Account Contact Role
Ability to Add Account Partner
Ability to Add Account Team Member
Ability to Create Opportunities
Ability to Edit/Update Opportunities
Ability to View Opportunity Pipeline
Ability to Add Opportunity Contact Role
Ability to Add Opportunity Partner
Ability to Create Cases
Ability to Edit/Update Cases
Ability to View Cases
Ability to Create Activities (Events, Tasks, Calls)
Ability to Search Activities (Events, Tasks, Calls)
Ability to Edit/Update Activities (Events, Tasks, Calls)
Ability to View Task List
Ability to Create Custom Objects
Ability to Edit/Update Custom Objects
Ability to View Custom Objects
Salesforce/Chatter Activity Feed
Salesforce Email & Attachments   
One Click File Email
Integrates with Salesforce Attachments and Notes
Option to Integrate with Salesforce Files
Ability to File Multiple Emails at Once
Automatically File Email Replies
File Emails & Attachments
File Attachments Only
Ability to Search and File Email
Mail Calendars   
Ability to Add Salesforce Events from the Mail Calendar
Ability to Auto-Map Calendar Fields
Ability to Continously Sync Events from Outlook to Salesforce
Sync'd Events are Categorized and Color Coded
Ability to Create Salesforce Events and Assign to Someone Else
Intelligent Integration Approach (No config required)   
Supports All Data Types
Supports All Custom Objects
Supports Custom Fields
Field Validations
Field Dependencies
Control Fields
Security and Authentication   
Oauth/2 Factor Supported
Supports Sandbox Login
Supports Salesforce Custom Domains
ZynCal - A Scheduling Assistant for Your Inbox      
Share Free Availlability with Personal Calendar Page
Create Meeting Types & Map Your Customer Engagement Process
Set Meeting Questions/Forms
Set Working Hours
Set Meeting Lengths
Include Conference Information (e.g, GoToMeeting)
Meeting Invite Sent from Your Mailbox
Receive New Meeting Notifications
Send Free Available Time
Native Calendar Integration
Supports Office 365
Supports Gmail
Supports Microsoft Exchange Server On-Premise
ZynSync - Sync & Track Customer Interactions      
Calendar Sync   
1 Way Sync 
2 Way Sync 
Ability to Sync All Day Events 
Ability to Ignore Private Event Details 
Supports Recurring Events 
Email Sync   
Sync Email to Salesforce (one-way) 
Sync Emails for Only Important Contacts 
Ignore Specific Email Domains 
Ignore Non-Customer Related Emails 
Contact Sync   
Import Contacts to Salesforce 
Create Salesforce Contact Folder & Sync to Mailbox 
Basic Filter Logic for Contact Sync 
Advanced Filter Logic for Contact Sync 
Find and Create Contacts from Email & Calendars 
Task Sync   
1 Way Sync 
2 Way Sync 
Ability to Ignore Private Tasks 
Supports Recurring Tasks 
Supported Environments   
Support for Office 365 Exchange Online 
Support for Exchange Server (On-Premise) 
Support for Gsuite (Gmail) 
Support Userbased Token Access 
Supports Service Account Mass Authentication 
ZynTrack - Customer Engagement & Analytics      
Email Opens 
Link Clicks 
Web Visitor Tracking 
Integration for Email and Web 
Email Open Reports 
Link Click Reports 
Web Visitor Reporting 
ZynMobile - Customer Insights On-the-Go      
Available for iOS & Android  
Full Mobile Inbox  
File Email to Salesforce from Inbox  
File Emails to Salesforce on Send  
Create New Contacts, Opportunities, Cases, etc  Coming Soon
Update Contacts, Opportunities, Cases, etc  
Log Calls  
Create Events  
Create Tasks  
My Opportunity List View & Edit  
My Tasks & Event List View & Edit  
Customer Insights on Mobile  
Office 365 Mailbox Support  
Exchange Mailbox Support  
ZynMail - Prospect Smarter from Your Inbox      
Send Email with Templates  Coming Soon
Manage Campaign Members and Group Lists  Coming Soon
Bulk Send Emails  Coming Soon
Scheduled Email Sends  Coming Soon
Email Campaign Analytics  Coming Soon
Live Chat
Phone/Remote Desktop
Support Available to All Users on Demand
Live Office Hours
Online Knowledgebase
Salesforce Version Support   
Supports Salesforce Group Edition
Supports Salesforce Professional Edition
Supports Salesforce Enterprise Edition
Supports Salesforce Unlimited Edition
Supports Salesforce Partner Community Edition
Supports Salesforce Edition
Supports Salesforce Single Sign On (SSO)
Clients Supported   
Outlook Desktop 2007
Outlook Desktop 2010
Outlook Desktop 2013
Outlook Desktop 2016
Office 365 Outlook Web Access
Outlook Web App for Exchange 2013 & 2016
Outlook for Mac with Office 365 or Exchange 2013, 2016
Support for Terminal Server & Citrix
Support for Published Desktop & VM Ware
Gmail Extension (Chrome)