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Calendar Scheduling with:
Booking Page
Meeting Types
Advanced Views
Scheduling API
Calendar Sync

Inbox Sidebar
Business Card Scanning


Seamlessly collect sales activity data from your inbox, calendar, and mobile devices. Sell smarter.
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Calendar Scheduling with:
Scheduling API
Calendar Sync

Buyer Signals with:
Email & Link Tracking

Salesforce Sidebar
Outlook & Gmail
iOS & Android

Salesforce Sync
Calendar, Email & Tasks
One-Way or Bi-Directional


Engage with your customers that are ready to close, at the right time, with high converting sales messages.
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Web Visitor Tracking

Email Templates
Inbox Integration
Salesforce Classic
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Simple List Send

Courtney Roberts
I have more time for my clients

“With ZynBit, we have more data to understand how many times we are meeting with clients and making sure they are getting the attention they need so we can retain and build our client base.”

Courtney Roberts
Chief Operations Officer, Barber Financial Group

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SIDEBAR - Customer Insights from Your Inbox
Email Sidebar Supporting
Supports Outlook (Windows)
Supports Outlook for Mac, OWA, &
Gmail (Chrome)
Email View Compatibility
Has "Always On" View
Side Panel for Preview Pane View
Side Panel for Email Read View
Side Panel for Email Compose View
Side Panel for Calendar Event View
Ability to File Email on Send
Ability to File Email to Anywhere View
Calendar Preview Pane View
Calendar Compose/Inspect View
Contact Preview Pane View
Contact Compose/Inspect
Salesforce Integration
Ability to Search and Edit/Update Records
Ability to Create Leads
Ability to Convert Leads
Ability to Edit/Update Leads
Ability to View Leads
Ability to Create New Contacts
Ability to Edit/Update Contacts
Ability to View Contacts
Ability to Filter Insights by Contact
Ability to Create New Accounts
Ability to Edit/Update Accounts
Ability to View Accounts
Ability to Add Account Contact Role
Ability to Add Account Partner
Ability to Add Account Team Member
Ability to Create Opportunities
Ability to Edit/Update Opportunities
Ability to View Opportunity Pipeline
Ability to Add Opportunity Contact Role
Ability to Add Opportunity Partner
Ability to Create Cases
Ability to Edit/Update Cases
Ability to View Cases
Ability to Create Activities (Events, Tasks, Calls)
Ability to Search Activities (Events, Tasks, Calls)
Ability to Edit/Update Activities (Events, Tasks, Calls)
Ability to View Task List
Ability to Create Custom Objects
Ability to Edit/Update Custom Objects
Ability to View Custom Objects
Salesforce/Chatter Activity Feed
Supports logging email with Enhanced Email
Salesforce Email & Attachments
One Click File Email
Integrates with Salesforce Attachments and Notes
Option to Integrate with Salesforce Files
Ability to File Multiple Emails at Once
Automatically File Email Replies
File Emails & Attachments
File Attachments Only
Ability to Search and File Email
Mail Calendars
Ability to Add Salesforce Events from the Mail Calendar
Ability to Auto-Map Calendar Fields
Ability to Continously Sync Events from Outlook to Salesforce
Sync'd Events are Categorized and Color Coded
Ability to Create Salesforce Events and Assign to Someone Else
Intelligent Integration Approach (No config required)
Supports All Data Types
Supports All Custom Objects
Supports Custom Fields
Field Validations
Field Dependencies
Control Fields
Security and Authentication
Oauth/2 Factor Supported
Supports Sandbox Login
Supports Salesforce Custom Domains
Calendar Sharing: A Scheduling Assistant for Your Inbox
Share Free Availability with Personal Calendar Page
Create Meeting Types & Map Your Customer Engagement Process
Set Meeting Questions/Forms
Set Working Hours
Set Meeting Lengths
Include Conference Information (e.g, GoToMeeting)
Meeting Invite Sent from Your Mailbox
Receive New Meeting Notifications
Send Free Available Time
Native Calendar Integration
Supports Office 365
Supports Gmail
Supports Microsoft Exchange Server On-Premise
Scheduling API
Calendar Sharing API
Salesforce Sync: Sync & Track Customer Interactions
Calendar Sync
1 Way Sync
2 Way Sync
Ability to Sync All Day Events
Ability to Ignore Private Event Details
Supports Recurring Events
Email Sync

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Is ZynBit compatible with my email and calendar provider?

Yes. ZynBit provides simple Salesforce integration with Outlook, Gmail, and Office 365.

How do I start using the ZynBit sidebar?

As soon as you complete the signup wizard you get to choose your email provider: Outlook | Outlook for Mac | Gmail | Office 365.  Need help? Start a chat with us.

Is this going to be easy for Community Cloud users to onboard?

The number #1 thing we hear from customers is that we make their lives easier. You won’t have to learn complex CRM dashboards or feed extra information to Salesforce. It’s all done for you with simple tools that work from your inbox.

Which email environments are supported?

Gmail | Gsuite | O365 | Outlook | Exchange | | Hotmail.

Does this mean more CRM work to do?

Not at all! ZynBit does all the heavy-lifting for you. It reads your inbox for sales activity and updates Salesforce on its own, without any manual work. And if you want to update fields manually, you do it from your inbox instead of opening Salesforce.

Can I test ZynBit with my Salesforce Sandbox?

Sure! Sign up/Sign in with your production Salesforce account. Once you’re logged into ZynBit you can connect a sandbox via the sidebar or with sync.

Can I use sync only?

Yes. You do not have to install the ZynBit sidebar to sync your calendar, email or tasks.

How fast does it sync?

Admins have the option to regulate sync frequency from 5 minute intervals to 2 hours. ZynBit can help you acquire data and regulate API calls at the same time.

Do you support my edition of Salesforce?

ZynBit supports all Salesforce editions. Community Cloud | Sales Cloud | Service Cloud | Essentials | Professional | Enterprise | Unlimited

Is ZynBit secure?

We take your security seriously. ZynBit provides enterprise-level security. Many of our customers choose ZynBit as the most secure AppExchange partner. Connection paths of data are completely configurable and secured with SSO, SAML, or OAuth. ZynBit processes minimal proprietary information.

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