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Create Superior Customer Experiences

ZynBit automatically collects all sales activity in Salesforce, without manual data entry. It frees advisors, bankers, and insurance agents to spend more time meeting and growing clients.

Track Every Meeting | Stay Compliant | Delight Advisors and Customers

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  • Salesforce Sync
    Save advisors’ time

    ZynBit keeps advisors and support staff out of Salesforce. It frees their time to nurture clients while keeping sales data going into Salesforce. Sync meetings, emails, contacts, tasks, calls with notes, and custom objects automatically.

  • Easy calendar scheduling
    Track every single meeting

    Staff can book meetings sharing a single link. All meetings are synced into Salesforce. Everyone can stay in sync and see who’s engaging with customers and how many times they are meeting.

  • Color-coded calendars
    Your meetings in full color

    ZynBit keeps track of meetings by type and updates calendars using different colors. A quick glance at a calendar gives you a crystal clear idea of what’s happening across the board.

  • Sales activity tracking
    Increase compliance with data

    Reduce regulatory risk by recording all sales and customer interaction in Salesforce. Compliance is easier to fulfill when you don’t have to rely on staff to handle manual data entry.

Add color to your financial life

ZynBit captures all meeting activity and color codes users’ calendar by meeting type. All meeting activity is synced back to Salesforce, automatically.

Track Every Meeting

Sync meetings between phone, email and in Salesforce. No more missed appointments or double bookings.

Zero Data Loss

Document all client activity into Salesforce, without effort. Keep data clean and free of duplication.

Stay Compliant

Mitigate regulatory risk by saving accurate client records for all your customers, behind the scenes.


ZynBit helps financial businesses drive growth and build trust

Private Wealth Management

Help advisors deliver an exceptional customer experience

Use ZynBit to eliminate advisors’ busy work. Be their data-driven champion helping them track meetings and the sales activity they need to fuel personal relationships with their clients.

Commercial Banking

Delight prospects and customers

Long sales cycles mean struggling with lots of paperwork, emails, calls, and meetings. With multiple decision makers. ZynBit helps you stay on top of the conversation with accurate notes and records of your activity. Even after you close the deal.

Retail Banking

Use multi-channel scheduling to drive revenue

Retain and grow your retail customers with multi-channel scheduling. Sync calendars between B2C and B2B services to facilitate cross-selling opportunities.


Help agents move fast and keep prospecting

ZynBit helps agents stay productive by tracking sales activity in Salesforce for them. Management can see who’s hitting their predefined goals of weekly customer meetings, phone calls, and emails, with accurate records.


How ZynBit helps Barber Financial Group book one-touch meetings

Before ZynBit, the firm required an average of five touches to schedule a single meeting. With ZynBit’s calendar scheduling tool it now takes them an average of just one touch.

Client Operations books meetings for their Advisors following their recommended cadence and frequency

A relationship team reviews data from past meetings to ensure Advisors are aligned with their clients’ goals

Wealth Advisors spend less time on administrative overhead and more time with clients

“With ZynBit, we have more data to understand how many times we are meeting with clients and making sure they are getting the attention they need so we can retain and build our client base."

— -Courtney Roberts, Chief Operations Officer, Barber Financial Group

Features built for financial services firms

Calendar Sync

Keeps all your meetings in sync on your phone, inbox and in Salesforce. Learn more →

Email Sync

Records all customer communication behind the scenes.

Salesforce Sidebar

A CRM in your inbox. All you need to know about clients without opening Salesforce again. Learn more →

Calendar Scheduling

Send your availability and let customers choose what time they want to book with you. Learn more →

Email Tracking

See who opens your emails and what content makes your prospects engage. Learn more →

Link and Web Visitor Tracking

Discover what links on your emails are being clicked and which prospects visit your site.

Mobile Insights

A full CRM workflow optimized for your phone. Record your activity on the field. Learn more →

Team Calendar

Book meetings for 3 or more people without phone or email back and forth.

Email Templates

Create templates for your best emails and send with a single click.

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