Getting The Most Out Of ZynBit

for Sales Managers & Executives


Sally is a sales manager for a mid – sized company. She’s responsible for pipeline management, sales forecasts, team coaching and client success. She’s a results driven professional that’s worked in sales for 10 years and has seen the evolution of her position.

CRM Effectiveness

35% Meaningful Data

Sales Process

49% Reps Use It

Most Important

74% Coaching

Admin Time Spent

32 Hours per Week

As a Sales Manager you're continuously juggling between supporting your team and managing data. With the lack of adoption of Salesforce CRM by sales representatives, data tends to be lacking and therefore requiring sales managers to spend more than necessary to inquire on updates around pipeline, opportunities, forecasts. This time spent asking for and collecting data takes time away from coaching your team, collaborating with other teams to achieve greater sales efficiency and customer success and more importantly spending sufficient time helping sales representatives and your team move opportunities to closed won customers. 

Sally's Reality


Sally has 8 hours to Coach

Biggest Challenges


Sally's Voice

Reality: I spend more time being a TIMECOP than I do a sales manager

Expectation: My CRM should allow me to spend more time coaching, closing high value opps, and optimizing sales process for repeatable revenue

Invisible CRM work where you work


Full Sync – Desktop, Mobile, Salesforce, Email. Enter once, view anywhere


If they’re a contact in Salesforce, email is saved. Period. History is viewable by entire team


Create Salesforce processes and workflows that get delivered to the desktop and phone where they work


Same contacts everywhere

As a Sales Manager, you have enough on your plate to keep up with team activities, making sure your team forecast are accurate and your pipeline is building. This is not to mention the time you wish you could coaching and helping your team sell more effectively. Salesforce and CRM becoming a burden to productivity requiring teams to work in multiple environments to book meetings via calendars, send, log and track emails, tasks and manage contacts. Let’s make Salesforce invisible to the users, they say in the email environment where they work everyday. No need to work in multiple applications track emails, book meetings, and remove unproductive data entry with integration to Salesforce in the email inbox. Whether you use Outlook Desktop, Outlook Web OWA, Gmail or Mac.

Sally's ZynBit

Track sales activities

Track Sales Activities

Meetings, calls, & emails



Accurate and up to date

More Time

More Time

Coaching, closing, and optimizing processes for repeatable revenue

ZynBit is built for sales teams and manager alike to remove unnecessary data entry to Salesforce CRM and help Sales Managers and Executive track activities to improve sales effectiveness, make better decision with more and better data around forecasts and freeing up time from chasing data and information replaced with the ability to optimize sales teams to be more effective with the common goal of increasing revenue.


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