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ZynBit for Salesforce

We’re on a mission to change the way sales, marketing, and support work with Salesforce. Your Salesforce CRM should work for you and not the other way around. Read our guide on selecting a Salesforce email integration.

ZynBit for Outlook, Gmail & 365

Why ZynBit


Get Smart

Unlock a mountain of data about your customers, to increase sales, run smarter marketing campaigns, and retain your most important customers.


Get Your Life Back

No more nights and weekends spent updating opportunities, cases, forecast reports, case history, or project milestones.


Get Connected

Simple integration between all your customer facing applications; email, website, Salesforce, help desk, and social media.


Stop Guessing

Know exactly where to spend your time and resources; opportunities with the highest probability to close, campaigns sources with the greatest lead to cash ratio, and customers with the highest lifetime value.