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Citrix or Terminal Server Deployment of ZynBox

Citrix or Terminal Server Deployment of ZynBox includes the actual software installation and the deployment of two configuration files.

  1. Install ZynBit on a local admin’s machine.
  2. Open the file C:Users”Username”AppDataRoamingZynbitUser Settings.config Where username is a machine user who has installed ZynBit.
  3. Edit the file to include appropriate options for your site (see details below).
    • Make sure to clear existing credentials if you obtain these files from an existing installation as described in User Settings.Config step 5.
  4. Install ZynBit on the citrix/terminal server.
  5. Copy the User Settings.Config and Logging.config files to the user app data folders for deployment.

Config files

User Settings options are discussed in this article: Configuration Settings